A custom project it’s a project that someone orderer specifically to us, contacting with us to create something totally new. Together, them and ourselves we worked to make it a reality. If you have any project that you would like to make a reality, just contact with us by and explain us your idea.


This dwarf jaquet, created in red thin leather, has been designed by the costumer and our artisans. The edges are in leather goat painted in gold, and the 372 scales are by hand engraved and painted in silver and gold.

The dwarves are a proud race, with an incredible memory and resilience. Their strength remains in their muscles and their artisans. Blacksmiths, runesmiths, engineers… All they excels in their fields, making the dwarf army one of the most well equipped armies in the world.

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This knight scabbard, designed in red and golden details, was ordered for an specific sword and dagger. The buckles are in brass, and the engraved in the belt was ordered by the customer, as the colour and details.

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This gas mask with the filter/communicator has been an order for an airsoft player. The mask has been made in 3-3,5mm thickness leather, ready to receive some airsoft shots, and the communicator is made in wood and polyurethane to gain consistency, resistance, and perform the details. The tube is a rubber tube from a company dedicated to create and sell rubber tubes for gas masks, and the filter hangers are ready to put any kind of filter you could need or like.

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The Damnaz-Kron, as it is known the book where the dwarfs write all the grievances suffered by them, is a book every dwarf should have. In this case, the design is based in some designs of the big grievances book, in red dyed leather and gold designs engraved, and with a totally functional notebook inside. The book has two rings with which ones you can hang it from a belt or a rope. It has 3 bookmarks in soft red leather inside to let you mark the grievances against the dwarf races, the grievances against your clan, and the grievances against you personally.

Customize your character!