El Marqués was born as an idea between LARP players, between Ivor Solleiro and Sergi Angel, one as an artisan and the other as a business student. Then they created the plan that will become El Marqués with Irene Maíz, that brings with her her artistic vision and will take care of social networks and photography. At this point the business start to growing with the incorporation of the 4th member, Duarte Puga, and with his art with the brush and aerography he gives the final touch to the El Marqués products, as helping Ivor in the workshop and in the designing process of all the prices.

The idea with El Marques it wasn’t to be just a business that creates job for artisans and being professional with the community, but something more. A team with one to share the hobby we all love.

Sergi Àngel

Beloved master

Business management student, dwarf warrior in his free time, in charge of accounting and administration.

Ivor Solleiro

El Marqués

Master of the workshop, El Marqués, the ones who cuts and engrave the leather, Captain of the coolness and breaker of everything that is not beautiful and divine.

Irene Maíz

Artist of the court

Administration and customer attention, social networks, mother of guinea pigs and master of the photoshop guild.

Duarte Puga

The One who feel the Colours

Artisan, goblin of the workshop, master of painting and the things that shine.